A dark doom engulfs me and I am stripped down to my naked body. Scars line my wrists and thighs, each one created to remind me of a beautiful, emotional disaster. I run my fingers over my left arm and where the incision once spew red life out of me is now a bare artifact… Continue reading Zombie

All or Nothing

Fire and Rain. Black and white distortions, ambivalence to the brain. Burning thoughts sabatoge the main receptors. Creating forks in the mind, forcing us to chose a way. Personal gain? Or Eternal Pain? Cleanse the darkness and purify my insanity. Wash the pathways, turning them into beautiful affirmations and send the negativity down the drain.… Continue reading All or Nothing


Photo by Zukiman Mohamad on Pexels.com My capt'n, where art thou? The plank thee walk so freely Down that narrow path, Overboard; Thine eyes, they must deceive me. My capt'n, where art thou? The stormy sea engulfed thee, Into it's deadly undertoe From which thou couldn't swim free My capt'n, where art thou? Thee abandoned… Continue reading Ship-wrecked

My Heart’s Door

Searching for the perfect words, keep coming up short. You are my perfect nerd in a world I tend to distort. The ringing in my ears the sweat pouring from my pores a beating heart bleeds a thousand tears each time you come knocking on its door. "I'll love you for a thousand years and… Continue reading My Heart’s Door