Teetering on the edge of Boredom and Hypomania

Writing feels foreign anymore. The words haven't exactly been coming to me the way they used to, but bear with me. I will try my best to update during this COVID outbreak. Where to start. I've been hypomanic for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Sleep is all sorts of fucked up. Go to bed at… Continue reading Teetering on the edge of Boredom and Hypomania

Paint it Red

It has been exactly 4 months since the last time I encountered you and let you persuade me into ruining my forearms. This is the longest i have gone without seeing you in 5 years. I can feel the blood under my skin flowing throughout my body. I want to empty it so bad but… Continue reading Paint it Red


A dark doom engulfs me and I am stripped down to my naked body. Scars line my wrists and thighs, each one created to remind me of a beautiful, emotional disaster. I run my fingers over my left arm and where the incision once spew red life out of me is now a bare artifact… Continue reading Zombie

All or Nothing

Fire and Rain. Black and white distortions, ambivalence to the brain. Burning thoughts sabatoge the main receptors. Creating forks in the mind, forcing us to chose a way. Personal gain? Or Eternal Pain? Cleanse the darkness and purify my insanity. Wash the pathways, turning them into beautiful affirmations and send the negativity down the drain.… Continue reading All or Nothing