Writing pisses me off anymore. I yearn to run my fingers over the keys and feel the indentations softly against the tips of my fingers but I never have anything to jot down. I used to keep you updated with my life, but I don’t do that anymore either. Im avoiding it because I don’t… Continue reading

The Carousel

Welcome to the carnival that I call my mind I've been here once or twice before, I come here all the time. Linger through my lucid thoughts, dance at destruction's door. Swivel through a slippery slope, I shall say no more. Come get your seat before they're gone! I shall say no more.

I miss You and I am coping, self-harm.

Its been a long time. Its been a long time since I have seen you my friend. My sharp-straight-edged little friend. I have missed you just as much as I miss my father. You were there for me when he was absent. Holding you in between my thumb and pointer fingers, I just miss having… Continue reading I miss You and I am coping, self-harm.


A dark doom engulfs me and I am stripped down to my naked body. Scars line my wrists and thighs, each one created to remind me of a beautiful, emotional disaster. I run my fingers over my left arm and where the incision once spew red life out of me is now a bare artifact… Continue reading Zombie